I suffer from melasma, also known as paño in the Hispanic community. This runs in my family apparently, and I also exposed myself to sun without protection during my hikes! What a terrible thing to do, I know. But, nonetheless I began to have the dark patches on my cheeks. I have very sensitive skin, and nothing seemed to work on my problem. Until, I finally did some research and found Daisy MD. Finally, I started seeing changes in my face and it is almost gone!!! My friends and family are amazed on how fast and great I look. I can’t thank enough Daisy for all her good work. I must add the staff is extremely polite. They had honest answers to all my 1,001 questions at my first visit. But hey, it was my face we were talking about, and I wanted to make sure I went with the right ppl to get treated. I totally recommend Daisy MD for any skin problem, she’s great!

-Carol S.


Hello, My name is Hayley Gripp. I am an actress (CSI, Camp Takota, My Love And Hip Hop, Once Upon A Sign, Wells Fargo) and anti-bully activist (Spoken to over 6500) and I met Daisy personally today at the Emmy’s gifting Suite at Luxe Hotel. I was not sure what the best way to contact Daisy was, but I wanted to say another special thank you for the acne step 1 skin care treatment. I tried it on my skin as soon as I got home, and ten hours later I can already notice a HUGE difference. Anyways, while I was conversing with Daisy this morning she said to come by her Rodeo Drive office to see her for a treatment. I would love love love to take her up on her offer. Should I simply call the number 18778773030? I will put my contact info below in case Daisy or someone else would like to contact me. If Daisy somehow see’s this email, than I hope she knows how grateful I am for her kindness towards me and her amazing product that was given to me. Below I will attach a headshot so she will remember my face. Warm Regards and Best Wishes,

-Hayley Gripp


Daisy and Mark have been treating my skin for 2 1/2 months. My skin has improved DRAMATICALLY ! I am so happy with the results Daisy and Mark have given me. I have struggled with acne for years. I have tried home remedies and so many expensive over the counter products and NOTHING worked. The only product that seemed to help was the Clinique acne solution, but it wasn’t for long. About 4 months ago my acne became very, very severe. I had Active Acne on My temples , cheeks, jaw line, chin, and down my neck. I made an appointment (Free consultation) with Daisy MD care and I am very glad I did. My Acne is almost 100% gone. Daisy will start doing treatments for the cystic acne under my neck this week and she will continue treating my Acne scars. I definitely recommend Daisy MD Care. The only thing you will lose is your Acne!

– Vanessa R. Los Angeles, California



I went to Daisy MD care a year ago because I was breaking out crazy. I have suffer acne since I was 15, and it was getting worst every year. I didn’t know what to do anymore to help my skin. One day, I was surfing on the internet, and I came across Daisy MD care website. At first, I was skeptical but I knew that I needed help to fight this bacteria on my skin. Thank god I went to see daisy and mark. Daisy and Mark are amazing people and they care for every single patient who walks through the door. They make you feel comfortable and they walk you through the process to improve your skin. Every since, I haved gone to see daisy my skin has improve a lot. I’m really happy for the results on my skin and I’m thankful to Daisy and Mark. Till this day, I still go visit daisy every Thursday because I love how my skin has improve . I recommend this place to anyone. Give it a shot, you don’t lose anything by trying something new.!

– Tanya G.


I have been going to Daisy & Mark for about 2 Years now and I will continue to go with her as long as I can. Before I met Daisy I had really really bad acne and acne scars. I tried everything all the products you can think of and expensive ones too. If you are going throught the same thing and you cant find a solution Daisy is your answer. Daisy & Mark are amazing loving people. They are all about their patients and they care for them and they care about helping them. It is definitely a great place, the clinic does have about 6 beds but it is spacious theres room it doesnt feel crouded or anything it feels comfy and welcoming. It is true that we can hear all of the colsultations but this is when the girls that have been going to Daisy and have experience the change can tell that new person that it is going to be ok and that this place really works. I feel like the girls there support each other while we are going throigh the procedure and when we see each other we encourage each other. I now have no marks or acne anymore and when I go and see girls/guys who do I tell then that Daisy is going to help them and that they are in the right place. This treatment does take time but it works and you do start to see results during the first 2 weeks it might be a little rouph at the beginning of the treatment because your need to get used to the new medication that is why your face might be a little to dry or to red but if you stay strong and do what Daisy instructs you to do it ALL pays off. Trust me this place is ligit it is all organic and natural and it really works. Daisy & Mark have been such a blessing in my life and thanks to them I now have a clean clear face. I realy really recomend this place and encourage you to go and get your treatment with Daisy & Mark.

– Yolanda M. From Azusa, California


I have been going to Ms. Daisy MD Skin Care since June 2012, and I have seeing a marvelous help in my skin in my face, I saw a difference right away at 2 weeks of starting my treatment. I love it. I see improvement pretty much every week. I love it I would recommend to all people who have skin conditions. Also Ms. Daisy and her husband Mark are very welcoming people. Ms. Daisy and her husband have really change my life, I love the way my skin looks now, it glows.. I suggest you try it.

– Judy M. From Los Angeles, California


Ive been going to Ms. Daisy’s since I was 21 and now I am 26, THAT SHOULD SAY IT ALL.!!!!      My face has become dependent of her products and treatments.

I had tried everything before, ProActiv, MaxClarity, Murad and many others, nothing worked. I had very oily and problematic skin, I had many blemishes and damaged skin. My friend Tommy recommended me to Daisy MD care and I am very greatful for their services. Ever since then Ive been a faithful client, for no other reason than because its the only acne treatment that has taken control of my face.

The environment at the clinic is very peaceful and welcoming. I take it as my personal time to exfoliate, microdermabrate and clean my face up.

I recommend you their services, come try them, you wont regret it, and best of all you’ll never have to try any other products.

– Maria Westby, From San Fernando, California


Ms. Daisy is a miracle worker. These treatments WORK!  Whether its acne, acne scars, discoloration or big pores.  Her method is slow and gentle to the face. It takes patience but if you do exactly what she says, your results will blow your mind. I have recommended her to 6 people now and they are all happy! I love her and am so grateful to the person who referred me to her!

– Doreen L., From Northridge, California


Daisy MD Care is like family!  There are four beds – 2 in a common room and 2 in separate rooms.  Everyone is here for the exact same purpose – acne/acne scar treamtment and removal.  I have made friends here just meeting other happy clients and we all share our success stories.  I would say it’s all pretty much referral based as I was referred by someone who was referred and so on and I’ve referred several people.  Bottom Line:  The treatment works and Ms. Daisy offers a money-back guarantee and I’m sure she’s never had to make good on that!  I look forward to my once a week treatment as each week my skin just glows and improves and my acne scarring and especially large pores are disappearing!  If you have severe (or even moderate acne), scarring, etc. – this is the place to go and it’s affordable.  Highest stars to Ms. Daisy!

– Cindy S., From Encino, California


I just want to thank Daisy because i’m on my 5th week of treatment and I can now go out w/out makeup not worried about having to apply makeup because of the big dark acne scars I had on my face.

– Stephanie R., From Glendale, California


I have been attending Dr. Daisy’s medical offices for 4 months now I love what she’s done with my skin, I don’t remember my skin ever being clear… I USED to have very bad acne problems and would put on bunches of make up, now I’m glad to say that all i do is wake up and not worry about anyone looking at my pimples, (that can be really embarrassing) I have really sensitive skin and tried everything from Proactive, Skin ID, to ALL over the counter medications… NOTHING ever worked.. I’m really satisfied with the results that Ms. Daisy’s treatments did for me.She really has a treatment for ALL skin types Ms. Daisy is a miracle worker. These treatments WORK!  Whether its acne, acne scars, discoloration or big pores.  Her method is slow and gentle to the face. It takes patience but if you do exactly what she says you will be just as satisfied as i am. ….  If you have the time to read this post I’m pretty sure you can just call for a FREE consultation Ms. Daisy has a very great PRICE and affordable. Trust me you wont regret it, this is coming from a young lady that HAD very BAD SEVERE skin problems.

– Brenda A., From Los Angeles, California


I have been seeing Ms. Daisy and Mr. Mark now for about four months now and i have notice a tremedous improvement on my skin. Even the first two weeks my skin felt soft and smooth and my dark spots disapperaing. I have been keeping up with my treatments and believe me it WORKS!  I am truly Grateful  for what they have done for my skin . It’s beautiful healthy glowing skin.  I thank them both from the bottom of my HEART.   love you MS. Daisy

– Liz T., From Whittier, California



My name is Pedro Vilches i have been treated for past facial acne scars by Daisy skin care MD. A unique and expert in skin care treatments like no other.

Everyone has mentioned the dramatic improvements in face as a result of the treatments,i recommend her highly .

You see results in the second visit.

– Pedro V., From Lynwood, California


Ms Daisy and Mark are very professional, and provide great customer service. At first when I heard about their skin care, I was skeptical.  However, with much patience, I am noticing a huge difference, and I can proudly say the my skin is getting clear.  On my way to acne and scar free skin!

– Blanca V., From Wilmington, California


How to start well all I gotta say is that daisy MD care is amazing. When I first came to daisy I was not to sure if she was gonna be able to help me because come on now , now in days everyone say that they can cure your acne. I tried everything you name it from proactive, mural, acne complex everything on the market so when I heard of daisy MD I wasn’t sure but when I tried it man I seen a deference  the first time and when I started going more I seen better results. This wasn’t like other products  that they say they promise stuff and its all lies but daisy MD is honest and true because she wants the best for you and your face, all she wants is to make you smile and feel good about yourself. Well I hope with my story you will try daisy MD because trust me she will change your life in the best way. Thank you.

– David L., From Los Angeles, California


Daisy MD is the AMAZING! Daisy and her husband Mark are an extraordinary couple, very kind and humble. Not to mention, they personally attend each individual with the most delicate care.   My Acne problem started after my second baby, I’ve been seeing her since March, this year and two weeks into my treatment my family started commenting, how my skin looked great.  Before that, I was going to a clinic where they would just give me creams and bleachers and as soon as I walked out into the sun, I would get dark spots.  So, after that, not only did I have acne scars and dark circles in my face but I needed to avoid the sun altogether. It was discouraging and depressing. I also, spent my money on brand named products, prescription and over the counter treatments.  Last I thought of laser treatment but, I was blessed to have heard about Daisy MD.  I went for a free (who does that now these days) consultation, Ms. Daisy showed me pictures of real people with Acne problems and the results after her treatments. After looking at picture and noticing that their environment is friendly and very relaxing, I couldn’t let it pass by so, I started the treatment on the spot. I’m not quite done…however, my face looks incredible. So, no more wearing HEAVY makeup, spend time in the mirror staring at my scars or dark circles wishing and hoping they would just go away… and no more feeling like I’m being stared at for my scars. Now, its wash up look (not stare) in the mirror and be amazed as my skin progresses and GO.  I’m truly happy with Daisy and Mark and GOD bless them and I VERY HIGHLY recommend Daisy MD.


– Nora R., From El Monte, California


I can’t believe there aren’t any more reviews  – I am SO grateful to have found this place. Miss Daisy and her husband are truly amazing and talented people. i have been seeing her since mid April and my skin has MAJORLY improved. I have always had a bit of acne – throughout my teenage years up until now. For the past few years my skin had been pretty good – but still had breakouts and large pores with a few scars .. Miss Daisy and her husband have been taking care of that. My skin is finally smooth, my pores are much smaller and my scars are almost gone ! Im still not done with the treatment – but its gotten to the point where i don’t wear any makeup at all on my face and i’m not at all self conscious about it.

If you do see her – remember one thing : Stick with the treatment !! don’t get discouraged – if your skin is really really dry, don’t worry about it – it’s supposed to be. I know its inconvenient and embarrassing but trust me you WILL get the results you are looking for. Whatever you do, listen to Miss Daisy, she knows what she’s is doing. Don’t wear makeup or lotions, stick with the treatment and in only a few weeks you will see a major difference !

– Jessica D., From Santa Monica, California


Highly recommend Daisy MD! It is a pleasure having Miss Daisy treat my facial problems. Her husband Mark and herself are the best of the best when it comes down to facial problems.

I’ve seen tremendous change within one month of starting the treatment. My skin has never been better! I will not change their treatment for anything. Daisy is my go to person/office when in need of a clear complexion for the weekend! 😉

First consultation is free peeps! Definitely should give it a try.

– Elaine M., From Pico Rivera, California


Honestly, I thank miss daisy for her amazing work, I feel great with no more acne and acne scars.   This treatment really work 🙂 lo recomiendo.

– Ab A., From Los Angeles, California